Adrian King is a potter located in Portland, ME. Originally from Massachusetts, he moved to Maine to attend the Maine College of Art with a focus in Ceramics. Upon graduating, he re located to North Carolina where he apprenticed with the renowned potter Mark Hewitt. For the next three-and-a-half years, he studied and learned the skill of making high quality functional, wood fired pottery. In 2016, Adrian moved back to Maine , taking what he learned in North Carolina, applying it to his own business. He now works making and selling functional pottery at craft shows, galleries, and home sales. This is what Adrian has to say about the work he makes:

My approach to making pottery stems from an intrigue for the process and materials that I use.  I utilize atmospheric firing technique using wood and gas, that activate the surfaces with an earth-toned warmth.  The firing process allows moments of uncertainty to happen.  Bursts of color appear where licked by the flame and glaze wraps around a pot like water against rock.  I want my pottery to bring comfort to our daily routine through tactile and visually stimulating surfaces that promote and encourage use.